There have always been heroes. A brave soldier winning a Congressional Medal of Honor, or a fireman racing into Tower 2 moments before it collapsed. That brand of hero will always be there to aid his fellow man on a day to day basis. These new heroes handle the jobs that normal men and women can’t. That is because they are super heroes, that is because they are the Global Defense League. Our great grandparents listened to the Shadow, huddled around the electric glow of the radio. Our grandparents watched the Lone Ranger and Superman on their black and white television sets. Our parents had The Incredible Hulk and Wonder Woman on the color television to get their super hero fix. Today we have the internet and the news because an emergence is upon us. An emergence of incredibly powerful beings that mankind can only hope has unscrupulous character. The word emergence to describe the super hero that is front and center today is not an accurate word to describe what has happened. Some of these so called super heroes that exist today are hundreds if not thousands of years old. Some are from other planets and have been here for decades studying Earth culture. Still others wield powerful and ancient artifacts that are as old as man himself. Some claim to be gods here again after being away for millenniums. There are other super heroes as well. Well actually not all of them are heroes. Science and technology have allowed incredible advancements in medicine, genetics, engineering, robotics, and many other areas. Unfortunately morality has not been able to deal and get in front of this wave of science and that creates many problems. When alien invasions, mutations, out of control technology, arcane powered megalomaniacs, or a problem that is way to large in scale for the other heroes, the Global Defense League will step in and make sure we all sleep a little safer tonight.

Global Defense League

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