• Ares


    The Olympian god of war, battlelust, and courage. Modern day Earth is a good place if you are the God of War and with immortal wisdom, Ares knows it.
  • Dragon Lord

    Dragon Lord

    Zhan Zhu Lin, a disgraced Shou Lou Knight and warlord is nearly 900 years old and a powerful martial combatant as well as a sorcerer of considerable skill. He has been an adversary of Professor Peculiar for many centuries now.
  • Scorn


    Farnsworth Hastings was a brilliant genetic researcher until he caught his lab assistant, Vince Virgil doing unregulated experimentation on himself. In his efforts to stop his assistant, Dr. Hastings was transformed into the hideous Scorn.
  • Spitfire


    Allison Werner just wanted a normal college life, sororities, parties, finals. When her fire power mutation emerged she was looking for help controlling it, she found the Global Defense League.